Mixed Media/acrylic painting Workshop – “Painting beyond Formulas”

Learn how to create more mood and atmosphere in your paintings. This is a workshop that offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the creative process. Sarah is a true facilitator of  painting process. She offers a meditative approach to painting. Discover new levels in your work. Learn how to create an underpainting which allows for risk-taking, new mark-making and the journey beyond formulas. Colour is of primary importance! Undertexture, glazing,working with rollers, rags and scapers, collage and mixed media are included in the workshop. Students will also learn how to achieve different qualities with acrylic mediums to create an “oil painting effect. Problem-solving is in layers. All skill levels are welcome.

“I endeavour to help students to relax into the painting process rather than focus on results. I aim to facilitate, in painting terms, an inner dialogue with the subconscious from where strong expressive work emerges.”

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